About Us


We at Shri Swaminarayan Tours & Services Pvt Ltd, our organization was founded in the year of 2002 and in the kind leadership & venture. We at Shri Swaminarayan Tours & Services Pvt Ltd, currently providing our daily Inter-City bus services, serving more than 20 destinations to and from Jalgaon, Pune, Ahmednagar, Aurangabad, Bhusawal, Dhule, Nashik, Mumbai – Thane - Dombivali – Vashi – Panvel – Dadar, Malkapur, Buldana, Motala, Chikhali, Shelapur, Datala, Deaulgaon Raja, Jalna, Muktainagar, Pahur, Savda, Faizpur. Offering service in the auspicious buses like fully air suspension along-with A/C, Non-A/C, sleeper & semi sleeper buses, seating buses with fully & well trained drivers & travel staff for handling passengers quarries during journey and they are readily available for such cases.

How is different from others:

1) Customer Convenience & Grievance:

Unique and convenient tickets for all destinations from any source point facility, Net booking as well as phone booking for our valued customers, we Shri Swaminarayan Tours & Services have avail equipped fully trained & well professionally managed staff. In addition to that we Shri Swaminarayan Tours & Services are also providing one stop for all travel related inquiries.

2) Maintenance of Buses:

We Shri Swaminarayan Tours & Services are taking precautionary measure to maintained buses quality & service by or under the supervision of engineers for the maintenance of buses from the Ashok Leyland & Tata.

3) Safety & Hygienic:

For the purpose of customer’s safety & hygienic matter we Shri Swaminarayan Tours & Services have given major emphasis on cleanliness & taking care of it by convenient halts to ensure that hygiene and quality food during their journey.Since our every bus running for a distance between 250 Km to 650 Km is equipped with a pair of drivers and one coach attendant to ensure the utmost safety, punctuality & consistent safe, relax journey.

4) Comfort & Facilities:

We Shri Swaminarayan Tours & Services providing following facilities to our customer for their comfort and these are as follows;
1. Separate clean pillow with cover, bed sheet & blanket for each passenger in A/C sleeper coach rest are available in all sleeper coach buses.
2. We Shri Swaminarayan Tours & Services are very conscious about the safety of ladies by providing separate seating only i.e. on any matter no men’s were arranged for seating with the ladies unless & until they travelling together.
3. Phone booking facilities & return tickets are available at any booking counters of the Shri Swaminarayan Tours & Services by any means of communications.
4. Shri Swaminarayan Tours & Services provides convenient & easily pick-up facilities to the customers on board.